Jewelweed Salve


The ultimate relief for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Stinging Nettle and many itchy skin conditions. Relieves pain, itching and speeds healing.

2 oz.


To learn more, see my post Poison Ivy, Poison Oak – Jewelweed Relieves the Itch & Stops the Spread!

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Weight2 oz

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  1. Mary

    I bought some jewel weed salve from you yesterday. (I was the one that was telling you about how my 17 year old rubbed poison ivy on his stomach to see if he was allergic to it).  My other son got into poison ivy while riding a dirt bike yesterday or the day before. I am so glad I picked up that salve on impulse. He said it offered instant relief. Thanks so much!

    I couldn’t believe he got poison ivy the day after I bought that. I probably jinxed the poor kid! I also shared your website on the Amherst public forum on facebook and let people know how well this salve worked. His rash looks great today and he said it isn’t itching. He only applied the salve once. It’s amazing what nature gives us.

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