Bug Off Spray insect repellent

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EXTRA STRENGTH insect repellant (Safe for babies and pets!)


Bug Off Spray insect repellant

$8.50 4 oz.

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Weight4 oz

3 reviews for Bug Off Spray insect repellent

  1. Nicole

    I bought some from you at the kamms farmers market in the past and love it!! My husband and I own a cabin in southern Ohio and this is what I use on my 3 yr old and myself!!! My silly husband continues to use “repel” and always ends up with a tick!! My son and I have been clear thanks to your bug off!!! Thanks!! Nicole

  2. Jessica

    We have a creek in our backyard so we get a LOT of mosquitos. I purchased this repellent at an Earth Day festival last year and have been in love since! Nothing my family and I have tried has done a better job of keeping bugs away these hot summer evenings. Thank you!

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this bug spray. Great for mosquitoes. Effective. Smells great. Doesn’t leave a yucky residue. Does anyone know if it also works for no see ums or sand fleas in the south?

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