Pain-Away Salve


If you’ve ever suffered with stiff joints, sore knees or elbows, sciatica or unknown back pains, bursitis or just plain overworked sore muscles and tendons, then this is the salve you should try!

$8.50 – 2 oz.
$16.00 – 4.5 oz.



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2 oz – $8.50, 4.5 oz – $16.00

3 reviews for Pain-Away Salve

  1. Bridgette Russell (verified owner)

    This is the best salve I have found for when my hands ache or my knees are stiff. I rub it on and within 15 minutes I can feel the relief.

  2. Nancy

    I have severe degenerative disc disease along with osteoarthritis, neuropathy and other degenerative conditions. I have been using Pain-Away Salve for over one year. It quickly relieves pain in my neck, back, legs, and feet. I would not be without it!,
    Thank you so much!

  3. Lisa Kavanaugh

    Pain-Away is amazing! I had blisters and bruising from tape. Applied Pain-Away 3x a day and in less than 2 day all healed! Also, worked beautifully on my shoulder pain. I won’t be without it!

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