Herbal Extracts (Tinctures)

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Herbal Extracts (Tinctures) are like a ‘portable cup of tea’ which has been concentrated in an alcohol base and can be added to tea, juice, or water, or taken by dropper under the tongue.

+ NEW Feverfew, Yarrow, Goldenrod, Ground Ivy and Sweet Annie!

Ashwagandha ($8.50)
Black Cohosh
Burdock Root
California Poppy ($8.50)
Cascara Sagrada
Cat’s Claw
Celery Seed
Chaste Tree
Elderberry ($8.50)

Feverfew ($8.50)
Garlic ($9.50)
Ginkgo Biloba
Goldenrod ($8.50)
Gotu Kola
Grape Leaf ($8.50)
Ground Ivy ($8.50)
Hawthorne Berry
Holy Basil ($8.50)
Kava Kava
Lemon Balm

Passion Flower
Pau d’arco
Red Clover
St. John’s Wort
Stinging Nettle
Sweet Annie ($8.50)
Turmeric ($8.50)
Valerian Root
White Willow
Yarrow ($8.50)
Yellow Dock

Recommended dose is 30 drops 1-2 times daily.
1 oz. bottles

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Stress relieving herbs (adaptogens): Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng, Schisandra, Korean Ginseng, Holy Basil, Gotu Kola

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Heart healthy: Hawthorne Berry, Motherwort

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3 reviews for Herbal Extracts (Tinctures)

  1. Teresa collins

    I have tried these oils and i have found them amazing, I have found them very pure one of the best I have found, thanks for the good work.

  2. Lisa Kavanaugh (verified owner)

    After using Hummingbird Creations tinctures I will not buy commercially made in stores. I trust these because I know Judi is dedicated to her craft and I know from experience, they work! They work so well I bought them for a family member who was amazed at the results! Her other products (powders, teas, salves) are also excellent – always dependable, reliable and effective. Fast delivery, too!

  3. Lisa K (verified owner)

    Review 2 years later:
    The Tinctures are consistent and potent, yet so easy on the body. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing, and thank goodness Judi knows “the ways”!
    I am so impressed with how the tinctures have lowered my cholesterol, lowered my blood sugar, totally started up my adrenal glands (they shut down for 2+ yrs & I was put on steroids by IV, IM and by mouth!), but using a few tinctures for endocrine stabilization changed all that, and I NO LONGER need to take steroids at ALL! The proof is in the lab work! Thank you for giving us an alternative.

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