Scratch the Fleas – Natural Flea Powder & Pet Shampoo

Non-toxic Flea controls for Pets

safe to use around small children too

kitty, Peanut, in the garden

” What can I do for my pets to get rid of their fleas?” I’m asked this question at almost every farmers market this summer, and as all of us pet owners know, it has been a bad year for these pesky bugs! There are many over the counter remedies as well as products from veterinary offices, however most of these contain toxic chemicals that are perhaps not so safe for our pets overall health.

Here are several alternative remedies that are not only safe for your pets, but are safe to use around small children as well.

flea powderThe first one is Hummingbird’s Pet Flea Powder made with a food grade product called Diatomacious Earth. Diatomacious Earth is powdered fossilized sea shells from ancient lake beds that penetrates the hard surface of the flea and dehydrates it. I combine this with a small amount of powdered herbs and essential oils that also help control and repel fleas but is safe for pets and will not harm them (or small children) that might ingest it by licking their fur (or fingers!). This can be applied as often as needed and worked into the fur, or sprinkled on their bedding. Using the powder on a regular weekly basis works best to keep fleas under control during the peak summer season.

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Dog & Cat Shampoo Bar - safe for all petsThe second remedy is a wonderfully fresh smelling Dog & Cat Shampoo Bar made with all natural plant-based ingredients. This soap is an over-sized bar (approx. 7 oz.) that has great lather and leaves pet’s fur clean and silky. This soap also helps control fleas and also helps to soothe the chronic itch and skin irritations many pets suffer, whether from allergies or flea bites, etc.

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~ Judi Lambert

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