Plantain, the healing weed – Healing Salve

Plantain, the healing weed

What a beautiful month June is! It s one of my favorite months when all the beautiful new growth of trees and plants are in full swing. Usually by this time I have all my gardens in and can watch them grow each day as I sip my morning coffee on the back porch and listen to all the birds busy with their lives, raising new young, and making a lovely noise while doing so.

This is also the time of year my assistant and I start our wild crafting in earnest. Last week Bill found a beautiful, fresh patch of plantain and brought home an armload for me, so I started a new batch of plantain-infused oil for future use in my healing salves.


Plantain (Plantago) is considered a weed by most people and it does grow just about anywhere it can get a toe hold. It is almost as prevalent as dandelions.

This plant has basal rosette and thick-stemmed, ribbed, oval leaves, which are rich in mucilage, tannins and salicylic acid, and hasten the healing of wounds, burns and bruises.

Plantain is a relative of psyllium, and the seeds are boiled and used to cure inflammation and the wounds of burn patients. Crushed leaves also were used with distilled juice as a soothing, cooling and healing tonic. In Colonial times, the leaf poultice and the leaves were used as an infusion and a decoction to help coagulate blood.

Healing Salve with Plantain

Healing SalvePlantain is one of Mother Nature s wonderful healing herbs I use in my Healing Salve and Jewelweed Salve formulas. You ll find the Healing Salve under Body Care Products  on my website. It has wonderful pain-relieving/anti-itching properties and speeds the healing of cuts, burns, bruises, rashes and insect bites. This is a must-have item for summer!

Hope you are all enjoying the wonderful outdoor sights and sounds this Summer, and I will be back with another newsletter next month

 Judi Lambert
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